当社オリジナル技術でヴィンテージ加工したウッドパネルは、独創性を掻き立てる仕上げとなっており、クリエイティブな人々に選ばれています。私たちがWOOD LOVER’S(木が大好きな人たち)にお届けするのは、世界で一つの表現ができるデザイン性と、そこから共に変化を堪能できる醍醐味です。


From Yayoi era to 2000 years followed Ise Shrine. The official name is Shinto shrine. Forest existing before Mie prefecture can be called Ise no kuni. Shinto shrine selected this place? Did the forest choose the temple? Timber store in Mie Prefecture, which grew up with the trees that grew up in that forest, established a way to protect the new forest, connecting to the future.

Originally original technology vintage processed wood panel has been finished with creative originality, it has been chosen as creative people. What we deliver to WOOD LOVER’S (people who love trees) is the real thrill of designing that one expression can be done in the world and the transformation can be enjoyed together from there.